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Consider this as your PHD in looking good.

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Three Easy Steps For Embroidered Stoles:

Step 1:

Fill out the contact form below to let us know what you had in mind!

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Step 2:

We send you proofs of your order to approve!

One of our team members will work with you directly to make sure every part of the stole is to your liking. We can make tweaks along the way until it's exactly what you want.

Step 3:

We send you a secure link to pay through our online store.

We accept all major credit cards through our online store. We recommend you reach out at least 6-8 weeks prior to your graduation to ensure on-time delivery, but even if you've procrastinated still reach out and we'll see what we can do!

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Are stoles right for my organization?

Yes! Stoles have been used for countless graduations to represent special achievement, leadership, and accomplishment. Your involvement in your campus organization is exactly what stoles and graduation apparel are made to represent, which is why Impress My Parents has helped groups all across the nation memorialize campus organizations' involvement and achievement in graduations since 2014.

Why Impress My Parents?

We've worked with organizations at schools all across the nation to look fantastic at graduation. We use the finest materials we can get our hands on and carefully review and stitch every custom design with great care. We are big on customer support and have real people answer the emails and phones to make sure your custom order is exactly what you want. When it's crunch time at graduation, it's IMP you can trust - not some foreign company!

How much lead time do you need?

We encourage you to reach out and begin the design process at least six to eight weeks prior to graduation so that you can avoid the costs of rush delivery. However, for you procrastinators out there, please still reach out using our contact form and we'll do our very best to accommodate your order!

Do you have a referral program?

Yes! For any group that you refer to us (by email introduction) that ends up placing a group order of $250 or more, we'll knock 5% off the price of your group's order and 5% off their order, too! Reach out to us through the contact form for more details.